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Meet Ben

It is an honor for me to represent this area. I have met and talked to many amazing people who want a voice; they have not had one for many years. I am glad to take a stand with them and be their voice.

I am personally passionate about helping people. As a member of the Air Force and a local firefighter, I have been taught skills that allow me to make a difference. From helping someone change their flat tire on the side of the road to overseeing public policy. Knowing that I am representative of my community and its values that I can have a role in the change is all so worthwhile, it’s an honor.

Your Congressman needs to be a representative for our district first and foremost, not a cog in the Washington political machine. As your Congressman, I will work to improve bringing you better job opportunities, improve education at all levels, and endeavor to improve your quality of life.

Our Government was designed to serve the people, but it doesn’t feel that way today. Do you think that members of Congress are your servants? Neither do I. We need a limited government that doesn’t exist to serve itself or a political party. I will work to reduce the federal government, increase transparency, and pass term limits for our Congress and Senate.

I pledge myself to the defense of all of your constitutional rights. Today we are beset with those who think you can choose which of your rights you are entitled to and which they can infringe. I believe that ALL of your rights are equally important. Free speech, Privacy, Religious Freedom, and your right to keep and bear arms are all sacred to me.

Ben Gibson is a member of the Air Force, the use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.

What I can promise and bring that our current Congressman cannot

I wholeheartedly agree with President Trump’s America First policy. We need a strong modern military dedicated to identifying future threats and being prepared to deal with them. Cyber threats, Industrial Espionage, and Biological warfare are as great of a threat as terrorism have been in the last two decades.

National Defense starts with a strong economy. Damage to our economy also damages our National Defense. As the Corona Virus Pandemic has shown us, dependence on the international industry is a threat to our National Defense. I want to incentivize manufacturing in the United States. I want products currently pouring in from China to be built in Louisiana. We can bring better-paying jobs to our State while helping end our dangerous dependence on the international industry.

While the threat of radical Islam continues to plague the world, I see China as a more significant threat to global stability. It doesn’t matter how we see China; more critical is how they see us. They already treat us as an adversary to be used, manipulated, and cheated. Politicians and companies that allow the Chinese Communist Party to influence their behavior need to be held accountable for their weakness and greed.

I agree with the president that rebuilding the U.S. military is vital to National Defense. However, I think just as important is rethinking how we utilize our military. As an active-duty serviceman, I have seen first-hand the toll that years of warfare have taken on our soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. We have more than (800) bases worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of our servicemen serving on foreign soil. We need a complete review of our military to see which of these are critical to our National Defense and which troops can be brought to the United States. There are far better ways to project American power abroad without having our people stationed there. World War II has been over for 75 years, yet we still have our military stationed in Germany.